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Two Old Bags is a partnership of two women-Ann Swanson and Katie Nagorney. We write and produce patterns for handknitting. We began our association more than 15 years ago after participating in a multi-owner yarn and needlework store. Our goal has always been to write patterns that the knitter could understand and perhaps during the process learn something new. Each pattern is written with the advanced beginner in mind. We strive to include complete instructions from start to finish. Many patterns include technical diagrams and graphs when appropriate.

Once a year (usually by mid-August) we introduce new patterns. The type of designs vary as we usually knit what we like and then decide if the finished result would make a good pattern. For the past 10 years we have been writing many patterns for felting (handknitting first, then washing to felt). We have a number of purse patterns---YES-This is where you can find the LUCY BAG---but, also, some popular embellishment patterns and holiday items such as ornaments and stockings.

Don't, however, think we are only felters. Lace shawl patterns were some of our earliest designs many of which are still available. This year we have gone back to our roots and added more lace and shawl designs to our pattern line. Along with lace and felting patterns there are patterns that don't fit these two categories. Check out the baby blanket trio (Kaia's Blankets) or several purse patterns that are knit only (no felting required). We have shrugs and shawls that are not quite lace, but -almost!

Feeling very nostalgic in 2007, we've introduced a pattern for a knitted sock monkey (aka Mister Ben). This is a toy for all ages. If you have knit a pair of socks you can knit Mister Ben.

Please browse the following pages to see all of our currently available patterns. Ordering information is on the ORDER page. However, we are not taking orders online.

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