Two Old Bags
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Corrections, Errors and Clarification

Body Hugging Flat Bag - on Page 8, the sentences: "Next, knit 27 sts. You should be at the marker. Slip marker.*" should come AFTER the instructions for rows 3 through 14. 

Knit and Purl Bag - The handles used in this and other designs are still available through Homestead Heirlooms. However, the contact information has changed. Visit the website or call 636.456.5540

Summer in Kansas - Row 13 should read:
Yo, (k2, yo, s2kp2, yo, k1), repeat (--) until 1 st before marker, yo, k1, yo, K1, YO, (k1, yo, s2kp2, yo, k2) repeat (--) to end of row. (40 sts) (4 sts increased)

Leafy Green Market Bag

Replace last sentence on page 1 with the instructions below.

Place Marker (PM) at end of row 38, after “live” stitches on needle.

Replace the first paragraph on page 2 with the instructions below:

With same circular needle, Pick Up and Knit (PU&K) 19 sts along short side of bottom after marker. (pick up one st in each sl st), Place Marker (PM).  PU&K 51 sts along second long side of bottom (the cast on edge), PM. PU&K 19 sts along second short side of bottom, Place Contrast Color Marker (CCM). Total 140 stitches in round, beginning with CCM. Knit one round. Note: If picked up sts are very loose, tighten stitches by knitting through back loop (tbl) of the stitch on the needle, for this round only.